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Moles are small grafts of skin that can develop on any part of the body over time. They can vary in size, shape and colour. If you do have a mole that has become an area of concern or one that is constantly irritating you, then the procedure to remove these is very effective and completely harmless. Whether the mole is on your body or face, the mole removal procedure leaves little or no scarring.
Skin tags are minute, soft pieces of skin that stick out on a slender stem. They appear as small growths of skin that some people develop on the face, neck, armpits, and body folds like the groin. They are known to be painless and do not cause any sort of discomfort.
Warts are generally skin tumours that occur when the surface skin thickens in a rounded shape. These are often rough on the surface and of a different colour to the surrounding skin. Warts form as a result of viruses infecting the skin – this is common and the transmission of the virus depends on several factors, including injury location, virus strength and the immune system of the exposed individual.
We use the most effective technology of CO2 LASER to help get rid of the above mentioned issues of moles, warts and skin tags.
Ultra Pulse CO2 laser is the ideal modern treatment for mole, skin tags and warts removal – A quick, effective and relatively painless treatment( Anaesthetic is available) leaves minimal to no scarring. No stitches are required, therefore there’s a quick recovery time. The entire head and root of the growth is removed therefore the mole cannot regrow.
A light scab is left after the treatment which flakes off over the next 3- 6 days (depending on size of mole). A sun block with a high SPF should be applied to the area everyday thereafter until natural skin colour develops.
We have trained experts to use laser procedure to treat the areas affected due to moles, warts and skin tags.



Whatever the procedure chosen to treat moles, a local injectable anesthesia is given or local anesthetic cream is applied on target area while performing the treatment to ensure you don’t experience any discomfort.
If the moles are large then it would require a deep surgery and once the excision is done, sutures are required.
The usual healing time would be about one week to 10 days for large size moles.
Post treatment, it would take about 3-7 days for the healing to take place.
Scarring would depend entirely on the growth of the wart and depth of the wart in the skin. We ensure that no scars appear but if it is inevitable then you would be informed about it prior to the treatment.
LA SKIN uses the latest equipment and every session is conducted by well trained and highly experienced therapist. Personal care and undivided attention is the strength of LA SKIN and the team believes in making sure you are at your best comfort.
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