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If age, acne or too much exposure to the Sun has left your skin wrinkled or has caused your face to show scars, blotches or fine lines, laser skin surfacing will be a perfect solution for your skin. Laser resurfacing will help your skin look young and supple.

Laser resurfacing is a skin resurfacing procedure that uses a laser to improve the appearance of your skin or treat minor facial flaws by removing layers of skin. Laser skin resurfacing removes thin layers of skin by using carbon dioxide laser and the erbium laser.

It can considerably reduce the visibility of facial fine lines and is also effective in treating the skin tone concerns thereby improving the complexion.


  • Wrinkles
  • Age spots/Dark spots
  • Skin tone or texture unevenness
  • Scars
  • Skin damaged due to exposure to harmful sunrays
Laser resurfacing is done by a plastic surgeon or dermatologist.
The doctor may treat wrinkles around your eyes, mouth, or forehead individually or treat your entire face. For small areas, the doctor will numb the areas to be treated with a local anaesthetic and may also sedate you. You may require general anaesthesia if your whole face is being treated. Treating the affected areas of the face as a separate laser procedure takes about 30 to 45 minutes. If you opt for full-face treatment it normally takes up to two hours.

After the completion of laser procedure, the doctor will bandage the treated areas.  Twenty four hours post treatment, you will need to clean the treated areas four to five times a day and then apply an ointment such as petroleum jelly to prevent scabs from forming.

Swelling after laser skin resurfacing is normal. Your doctor may prescribe steroids to manage swelling around your eyes. There may be some itching for 12-72 hours post procedure. The skin will start peeling around five to seven days post treatment.

It typically takes 10-21 days for the skin to heal. You should avoid applying any kind of makeup till your skin heals. Use minimum SPF 30 sunscreen when you step out in the Sun. It’s better to keep exposure to the Sun minimal for better results. It’s also important to keep your skin deeply moisturised to prevent your skin from getting dry and flaky.


Only in consultation with the trained dermatologists you should get the laser skin resurfacing done. The doctor will examine the severity of the damage to your skin and if he is convinced about going in for laser resurfacing, he would recommend the same.



The results are very lasting, usually for a number of years.
The correct time is as soon as unwanted changes or wrinkles are noticed. However, it is never too late to consider laser resurfacing. Many individuals in their senior years have enjoyed great benefit from this procedure.
Laser skin resurfacing is performed using local freezing in the skin for treatment of individual regions of the face. For treatment of the full face, intravenous sedation administered by a certified anaesthetist is required. Complete patient comfort & safety is our number one priority.
LA SKIN uses the latest equipment and every session is conducted by well trained and highly experienced therapist. Personal care and undivided attention is the strength of LA SKIN and the team believes in making sure you are at your best comfort.
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